Eap-Tls Problem

K. Hoercher wbhoer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 20:07:53 CEST 2006


so Matteo is trying to setup wireless 8021x auth with freeradius.
Eventually most of the information happened to end in -devel, where I
asked him to stop mailing to, because I'm quite convinced that his
problems don't belong there.

That said, "dpkg -s freeradius openssl" should give you the
information you are seeking, which looks quite irrelevant to the
problem at hand.

In short, after the information you gave, I strongly suspect the XP
supplicant not responding to Challenges due to still improper OID's in
your certs. Please make double sure your windows cert store or however
it is called contains the rootCA and your certificate properly, and
those get into consideration when you test your wireless setup.
Exporting them from cert store and attaching them (provided they are
for test purposes and don't contain real crypto secrets) would be my
Something along this line should apply to your /etc/X1/jagger.pem.

ah and yes, just the default users file would suffice.

K. Hoercher

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