a bit OT, but stumped

Chris Knipe savage at savage.za.org
Sat Aug 26 00:44:42 CEST 2006


Just a quick question - especially valid in regards to VPN (L2TP / PPTP).

I know this will depend solely on the NAS, but considering a normal *nix 
pppd process, and a windows based RAS client... Is it at all possible to get 
PPP to assign static routes to the CLIENT during the authentication process?

Let's say I have a DMZ with 10/8 and 20/8 used for addressing.  A client 
connects to a VPN server on a.b.c.d  Unless I tell the client to use the VPN 
as a Default Gateway, the client will not have routes to route 10/8 and 20/8 
over the VPN link... What needs to be done to tell Windows this?

Sure, I know I can always add these routes manually, but I'm trying to avoid 
it :)

Just a general q... Sorry for OT


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