New to FreeRADIUS and looking for answers...

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Sun Aug 27 08:40:37 CEST 2006

hi Scott
i have the same problem u talked about
i need someone to help me in configuring free radius on linux server step by
so please if any one can do this favour i'll be so thankfull

On 8/26/06, Scott Holland <hollstar2047 at> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'd like to begin by saying I'm new, 100% in fact to both Linux and
> FreeRADIUS. Having said that, I am in a position where by I feel I need to
> use both to overcome certain problems I am having at work. Allow me to
> offer
> a very brief overview as I don't want to waste anyones time:
> We have a building with 10+ WAP. They are connected to an ADSL2 service
> which is being abused by staff. I now have a HP DL340 1U Server, ready to
> be
> set up as a FreeRADIUS box but, have no clue as to how.
> In short, I need to better monitor what users are doing and restrict the
> level of access they have such as what websites they can visit and so on.
> In
> part, I feel FreeRADIUS can help.
> Having said all this, I'm at a loss like so many people it would seem with
> the FreeRADIUS concept. It appears powerfull on the surface however I seem
> to be unable to find any good material on the subject. Most of it, is old
> and dated.
> Yes, the documentation is good, but I see nothing that really guides you,
> step by step, in learning this complex program....
> While I'd love someone to spend the time to help, I don't expect it! What
> I
> would like, is someone to help me by pointing me in the right direction! I
> have been looking at the book RADIUS, which is currently very hard to get
> here in Australia. So hard, I'd have to get it from the US and wait around
> eight weeks as the publisher is yet to reprint a book first written back
> in
> 2002...
> I hope you can understand where I am coming from and I look forward to any
> help people can offer.
> Regards,
> Scott
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