New to FreeRADIUS and looking for answers...

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Well Scott.

You've seemed to make everyone chime in on the lack of documentation on
the Internet for Linux as a whole  (That's a summary of the 5 proceeding

But nobody answered your question.  :-)  

Scott, your looking at the wrong software product for what you do.
Well, FreeRADIUS will tie into what you want to do, but it's not

FreeRADIUS is a AAA Server as it core functionality.  Authentication,
Authorization, Accounting. 

I think your looking for a Web Proxy, or Web-Filtering product, or IPS

Squid proxy server will be your best bet (
It will cache websites that are commonely viewed, it will only allow
websites you define access to, or conversely, allow access to all sites
but one's you think should be restricted.  You can set squid up with a
content filter (it's not there by default)

This allows you to control where you want people to go, and to reduce
the bandwidth that people are using.

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Hi Guys,

I'd like to begin by saying I'm new, 100% in fact to both Linux and
FreeRADIUS. Having said that, I am in a position where by I feel I need
to use both to overcome certain problems I am having at work. Allow me
to offer a very brief overview as I don't want to waste anyones time:

We have a building with 10+ WAP. They are connected to an ADSL2 service
which is being abused by staff. I now have a HP DL340 1U Server, ready
to be set up as a FreeRADIUS box but, have no clue as to how.

In short, I need to better monitor what users are doing and restrict the
level of access they have such as what websites they can visit and so
on. In part, I feel FreeRADIUS can help.

Having said all this, I'm at a loss like so many people it would seem
with the FreeRADIUS concept. It appears powerfull on the surface however
I seem to be unable to find any good material on the subject. Most of
it, is old and dated.

Yes, the documentation is good, but I see nothing that really guides
you, step by step, in learning this complex program....

While I'd love someone to spend the time to help, I don't expect it!
What I would like, is someone to help me by pointing me in the right
direction! I have been looking at the book RADIUS, which is currently
very hard to get here in Australia. So hard, I'd have to get it from the
US and wait around eight weeks as the publisher is yet to reprint a book
first written back in 2002...

I hope you can understand where I am coming from and I look forward to
any help people can offer.



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