A few clarifications on EAP-TTLS

luigi natalino the_holy_sword85 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 28 11:09:04 CEST 2006


I'am using freeradius 1.1.2 with eap-ttls.
I have read that I can use Eap-Ttls in trasparent way for the Client, that 
is without using Client side certificates and without installing other 
software since that eap-ttls support legacy authentication system (I'am 
using a wall garden and I'can't install nothing on the clients).

So i've configured eap.conf (I've just decommented this few lines in default 

tls {
private_key_password = whatever
private_key_file = /etc/mycerts/cert-srv.pem
certificate_file = /etc/mycerts/cert-srv.pem
CA_file = /etc/mycerts/root.pem
dh_file = /etc/mycerts/dh
random_file = /etc/mycerts/random
fragment_size = 1024
include_length = yes

ttls {
default_eap_type = md5
copy_request_to_tunnel = no
use_tunneled_reply = no

And this is the output of "radiusd -X"

Starting - reading configuration files ...
reread_config:  reading radiusd.conf
Config:   including file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/proxy.conf
Config:   including file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/clients.conf
Config:   including file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/snmp.conf
Config:   including file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/eap.conf
Config:   including file: /usr/local/etc/raddb/sql.conf
main: prefix = "/usr/local"
main: localstatedir = "/usr/local/var"
main: logdir = "/usr/local/var/log/radius"
main: libdir = "/usr/local/lib"
main: radacctdir = "/usr/local/var/log/radius/radacct"
main: hostname_lookups = no
main: max_request_time = 30
main: cleanup_delay = 5
main: max_requests = 1024
main: delete_blocked_requests = 0
main: port = 0
main: allow_core_dumps = no
main: log_stripped_names = no
main: log_file = "/usr/local/var/log/radius/radius.log"
main: log_auth = yes
main: log_auth_badpass = yes
main: log_auth_goodpass = yes
main: pidfile = "/usr/local/var/run/radiusd/radiusd.pid"
main: user = "(null)"
main: group = "(null)"
main: usercollide = no
main: lower_user = "no"
main: lower_pass = "no"
main: nospace_user = "no"
main: nospace_pass = "no"
main: checkrad = "/usr/local/sbin/checkrad"
main: proxy_requests = yes
proxy: retry_delay = 5
proxy: retry_count = 3
proxy: synchronous = no
proxy: default_fallback = yes
proxy: dead_time = 120
proxy: post_proxy_authorize = no
proxy: wake_all_if_all_dead = no
security: max_attributes = 200
security: reject_delay = 1
security: status_server = no
main: debug_level = 0
read_config_files:  reading dictionary
read_config_files:  reading naslist
Using deprecated naslist file.  Support for this will go away soon.
read_config_files:  reading clients
read_config_files:  reading realms
radiusd:  entering modules setup
Module: Library search path is /usr/local/lib
Module: Loaded exec
exec: wait = yes
exec: program = "(null)"
exec: input_pairs = "request"
exec: output_pairs = "(null)"
exec: packet_type = "(null)"
rlm_exec: Wait=yes but no output defined. Did you mean output=none?
Module: Instantiated exec (exec)
Module: Loaded expr
Module: Instantiated expr (expr)
Module: Loaded PAP
pap: encryption_scheme = "crypt"
Module: Instantiated pap (pap)
Module: Loaded CHAP
Module: Instantiated chap (chap)
Module: Loaded MS-CHAP
mschap: use_mppe = yes
mschap: require_encryption = no
mschap: require_strong = no
mschap: with_ntdomain_hack = no
mschap: passwd = "(null)"
mschap: ntlm_auth = "(null)"
Module: Instantiated mschap (mschap)
Module: Loaded System
unix: cache = no
unix: passwd = "(null)"
unix: shadow = "(null)"
unix: group = "(null)"
unix: radwtmp = "/usr/local/var/log/radius/radwtmp"
unix: usegroup = no
unix: cache_reload = 600
Module: Instantiated unix (unix)
Module: Loaded LDAP
ldap: server = "localhost"
ldap: port = 389
ldap: net_timeout = 1
ldap: timeout = 4
ldap: timelimit = 3
ldap: identity = "cn=Manager,dc=valug,dc=it"
ldap: tls_mode = no
ldap: start_tls = no
ldap: tls_cacertfile = "(null)"
ldap: tls_cacertdir = "(null)"
ldap: tls_certfile = "(null)"
ldap: tls_keyfile = "(null)"
ldap: tls_randfile = "(null)"
ldap: tls_require_cert = "allow"
ldap: password = "mypass"
ldap: basedn = "ou=homewifi,dc=valug,dc=it"
ldap: filter = "(uid=%{Stripped-User-Name:-%{User-Name}})"
ldap: base_filter = "(objectclass=radiusprofile)"
ldap: default_profile = "(null)"
ldap: profile_attribute = "(null)"
ldap: password_header = "(null)"
ldap: password_attribute = "userPassword"
ldap: access_attr = "userPassword"
ldap: groupname_attribute = "cn"
ldap: groupmembership_filter = 
ldap: groupmembership_attribute = "radiusGroupName"
ldap: dictionary_mapping = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/ldap.attrmap"
ldap: ldap_debug = 0
ldap: ldap_connections_number = 5
ldap: compare_check_items = no
ldap: access_attr_used_for_allow = yes
ldap: do_xlat = yes
ldap: set_auth_type = yes
rlm_ldap: Registering ldap_groupcmp for Ldap-Group
rlm_ldap: Registering ldap_xlat with xlat_name ldap
rlm_ldap: reading ldap<->radius mappings from file 
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusCheckItem mapped to RADIUS $GENERIC$
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusReplyItem mapped to RADIUS $GENERIC$
rlm_ldap: LDAP userPassword mapped to RADIUS User-Password
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusAuthType mapped to RADIUS Auth-Type
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusSimultaneousUse mapped to RADIUS Simultaneous-Use
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusCalledStationId mapped to RADIUS Called-Station-Id
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusCallingStationId mapped to RADIUS Calling-Station-Id
rlm_ldap: LDAP lmPassword mapped to RADIUS LM-Password
rlm_ldap: LDAP ntPassword mapped to RADIUS NT-Password
rlm_ldap: LDAP acctFlags mapped to RADIUS SMB-Account-CTRL-TEXT
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusExpiration mapped to RADIUS Expiration
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusNASIpAddress mapped to RADIUS NAS-IP-Address
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusGroupName mapped to RADIUS Ldap-Group
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusServiceType mapped to RADIUS Service-Type
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedProtocol mapped to RADIUS Framed-Protocol
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedIPAddress mapped to RADIUS Framed-IP-Address
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedIPNetmask mapped to RADIUS Framed-IP-Netmask
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedRoute mapped to RADIUS Framed-Route
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedRouting mapped to RADIUS Framed-Routing
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFilterId mapped to RADIUS Filter-Id
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedMTU mapped to RADIUS Framed-MTU
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedCompression mapped to RADIUS Framed-Compression
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginIPHost mapped to RADIUS Login-IP-Host
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginService mapped to RADIUS Login-Service
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginTCPPort mapped to RADIUS Login-TCP-Port
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusCallbackNumber mapped to RADIUS Callback-Number
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusCallbackId mapped to RADIUS Callback-Id
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedIPXNetwork mapped to RADIUS Framed-IPX-Network
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusClass mapped to RADIUS Class
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusSessionTimeout mapped to RADIUS Session-Timeout
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusIdleTimeout mapped to RADIUS Idle-Timeout
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusTerminationAction mapped to RADIUS Termination-Action
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginLATService mapped to RADIUS Login-LAT-Service
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginLATNode mapped to RADIUS Login-LAT-Node
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginLATGroup mapped to RADIUS Login-LAT-Group
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedAppleTalkLink mapped to RADIUS 
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedAppleTalkNetwork mapped to RADIUS 
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusFramedAppleTalkZone mapped to RADIUS 
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusPortLimit mapped to RADIUS Port-Limit
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusLoginLATPort mapped to RADIUS Login-LAT-Port
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusReplyMessage mapped to RADIUS Reply-Message
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusTunnelType mapped to RADIUS Tunnel-Type
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusTunnelMediumType mapped to RADIUS Tunnel-Medium-Type
rlm_ldap: LDAP radiusTunnelPrivateGroupId mapped to RADIUS 
conns: 0x8139948
Module: Instantiated ldap (ldap)
Module: Loaded eap
eap: default_eap_type = "md5"
eap: timer_expire = 60
eap: ignore_unknown_eap_types = no
eap: cisco_accounting_username_bug = no
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type md5
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type leap
gtc: challenge = "Password: "
gtc: auth_type = "PAP"
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type gtc
tls: rsa_key_exchange = no
tls: dh_key_exchange = yes
tls: rsa_key_length = 512
tls: dh_key_length = 512
tls: verify_depth = 0
tls: CA_path = "(null)"
tls: pem_file_type = yes
tls: private_key_file = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/certs/cert-srv.pem"
tls: certificate_file = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/certs/cert-srv.pem"
tls: CA_file = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/certs/demoCA/cacert.pem"
tls: private_key_password = "whatever"
tls: dh_file = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/certs/dh"
tls: random_file = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/certs/random"
tls: fragment_size = 1024
tls: include_length = yes
tls: check_crl = no
tls: check_cert_cn = "(null)"
tls: cipher_list = "(null)"
tls: check_cert_issuer = "(null)"
rlm_eap_tls: Loading the certificate file as a chain
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type tls
ttls: default_eap_type = "md5"
ttls: copy_request_to_tunnel = no
ttls: use_tunneled_reply = no
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type ttls
mschapv2: with_ntdomain_hack = no
rlm_eap: Loaded and initialized type mschapv2
Module: Instantiated eap (eap)
Module: Loaded preprocess
preprocess: huntgroups = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/huntgroups"
preprocess: hints = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/hints"
preprocess: with_ascend_hack = no
preprocess: ascend_channels_per_line = 23
preprocess: with_ntdomain_hack = no
preprocess: with_specialix_jetstream_hack = no
preprocess: with_cisco_vsa_hack = no
Module: Instantiated preprocess (preprocess)
Module: Loaded realm
realm: format = "suffix"
realm: delimiter = "@"
realm: ignore_default = no
realm: ignore_null = no
Module: Instantiated realm (suffix)
Module: Loaded files
files: usersfile = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/users"
files: acctusersfile = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/acct_users"
files: preproxy_usersfile = "/usr/local/etc/raddb/preproxy_users"
files: compat = "no"
Module: Instantiated files (files)
Module: Loaded checkval
checkval: item-name = "Calling-Station-Id"
checkval: check-name = "Calling-Station-Id"
checkval: data-type = "string"
checkval: notfound-reject = no
rlm_checkval: Registered name Calling-Station-Id for attribute 31
Module: Instantiated checkval (checkval)
Module: Loaded Acct-Unique-Session-Id
acct_unique: key = "User-Name, Acct-Session-Id, NAS-IP-Address, 
Client-IP-Address, NAS-Port"
Module: Instantiated acct_unique (acct_unique)
Module: Loaded detail
detail: detailfile = 
detail: detailperm = 384
detail: dirperm = 493
detail: locking = no
Module: Instantiated detail (detail)
Module: Loaded radutmp
radutmp: filename = "/usr/local/var/log/radius/radutmp"
radutmp: username = "%{User-Name}"
radutmp: case_sensitive = yes
radutmp: check_with_nas = yes
radutmp: perm = 384
radutmp: callerid = yes
Module: Instantiated radutmp (radutmp)
Listening on authentication *:1812
Listening on accounting *:1813
Ready to process requests.
--- Walking the entire request list ---
Nothing to do.  Sleeping until we see a request.
rad_recv: Access-Request packet from host, id=0, length=219
	User-Name = "utente"
	CHAP-Challenge = 0xb8e461988db3fcb15283eae64c342d1b
	CHAP-Password = 0x0090a807a589b4864d7900bee913da1710
	NAS-IP-Address =
	Service-Type = Login-User
	Framed-IP-Address =
	Calling-Station-Id = "XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX"
	Called-Station-Id = "YY-YY-YY-YY-YY-YY"
	NAS-Identifier = "localhost"
	Acct-Session-Id = "44f1bf3c00000001"
	NAS-Port-Type = Wireless-802.11
	NAS-Port = 1
	Message-Authenticator = 0x81223a8de1013cb55976c322793533a2
	WISPr-Logoff-URL = ""
  Processing the authorize section of radiusd.conf
modcall: entering group authorize for request 0
  modcall[authorize]: module "preprocess" returns ok for request 0
  rlm_chap: Setting 'Auth-Type := CHAP'
  modcall[authorize]: module "chap" returns ok for request 0
  modcall[authorize]: module "mschap" returns noop for request 0
    rlm_realm: No '@' in User-Name = "utente", looking up realm NULL
    rlm_realm: No such realm "NULL"
  modcall[authorize]: module "suffix" returns noop for request 0
  rlm_eap: No EAP-Message, not doing EAP
  modcall[authorize]: module "eap" returns noop for request 0

This is the error
rlm_eap: No EAP-Message, not doing EAP

what's wrong?
I must install specific software on the clients (like Xsupplicant) or I can 
solve in other way (trasparent for the clients)?

Many Thanks
Luigi Natalino

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