Interface binding problem

Marcel.De_Boer at Marcel.De_Boer at
Tue Aug 29 17:40:04 CEST 2006


I'm trying to setup FreeRADIUS in a testing setup where the IP address 
to which it binds needs to be set. The RADIUS server is loaded on-demand 
on a number of machines, where almost all configuration is the same, 
except for the IP address to which it needs to listen.

Normally this would be setup in the configuration file, but this means 
that either I can't have a centralized configuration file (which makes 
things very complicated, as I'm trying to provide a standard service in 
an experimental environment), or the configuration file needs to be 
changed before every FreeRADIUS startup, which also is very inconvenient.

I'd like to set it up with the commandline switch (-i <ip-addr>), but 
this does not seem to work (tested on versions 0.2, 1.0.1 and 1.2): the 
server only takes the address from the configuration file and completely 
ignores the commandline switch. I do realise that the commandline switch 
is deprecated, but is it possible to get this to work somehow?

Kind regards,
    Marcel de Boer

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