Duplicate requests in a session

Santiago Balaguer García santiagoawa at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 31 09:11:58 CEST 2006

Thanks James, I don't figure out to use primary key solves the problem of 
duplicate keys.
I had in radacct as primary key <<radacctid>> but now I am going to have 

This proble cause a new thread: why radacctid is the primary key of radacct 
table instead od acctuniqueid?

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>Subject: Re: Duplicate requests in a session
>Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 22:07:09 +1000
>Santiago Balaguer García wrote:
>>Hi people,
>>  In my activity I realize that when the conexion to Internet of a NAS is 
>>NOT good (there are some reday in the DSL), the NAS send several Start 
>>requests. My problen is my RADIUS server ask for all these requests and 
>>they are inserted in my DB. So, when the user or the NAS finalize the 
>>session and NAS sends Stop Request, the credit associates to the user 
>>account is decremented several times. It happens so because I put a trgger 
>>in my DB to decrement the user credit atomatically.
>>  Can I avoid the problem of inserting several times the start request?
>>  If it is so, how??
>>2) Is it supposed that the value of acctsessionid and acctuniqueid in 
>>radacct table  are UNIQUE and they can not be duplicated ?
>>                        Santiago
>Hi Santiago,
>Does your DBMS enforce primary key constraints?  Do you have a primary key 
>defined for your radacct table? If I recall correctly, MySQL by default 
>doesn't, are you using MySQL?
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