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Phil Mayers <p.mayers at> a écrit : Mitaine Yoann wrote:
> */Michael Mitchell /* a écrit :
>     Client-IP-Address is an internal freeRADIUS attribute, and is not
>     defined in the RFC's. Hence it is never proxied to another server.

Yes, I am aware of that. I said that, in fact.

>     In fact, the "Client-IP-Address" for server B in the example above
>     would be the address of server A, and not the NAS.
> Exactly, but it would seem that never arrives.
> Could you tell me, how to make so that the Client-IP-Address have the  
> IP address value of server  A .

Don't remove the preprocess module from authorize.
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the only problem is that "preprocess" is present in the authorize section in the radiusd.conf file of the radius server A :
authorize {
       Autz-Type LDAP {

so I don't understand when a proxying request arrives, why the server B didn't match the rule in the users file :
DEFAULT Huntgroup-Name == "foo", Ldap-Group == "interne", Autz-Type := Ldap

where foo Client-IP-Address == x.x.x.x

there is perhaps a bug in the version which I use? 
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