Short Deployment Platform Questionaire

Peter Nixon listuser at
Thu Aug 31 11:29:22 CEST 2006

Hi Guys

In order to bring our documentation up to date, can everyone please take a few 
seconds to report to me (either privately or to the list) what deployment 
platform(s) you are running FreeRADIUS on. In particular I am looking for non 
Linux/x86 information.

The more information you can give me the better, but everything helps. I would 
like to know answers to the following questions (In order of importance)

* What Operating System and Version are you running FreeRADIUS on?

* What architecture are you running on (x86, x86_64, Sparc, IA64, PPC etc)?

* What version of FreeRADIUS do you have in production?

* Approximately how many AAA users do you have?

* Did you install a vendor package, downloaded package, selfbuilt package or 
source install?

* If you built FreeRADIUS yourself, please list any special 
installation/compilation steps you needed to take to make it work on your 

Thanks in Advance from the FreeRADIUS Development Team


Peter Nixon
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