2.0.0-pre0 from CVS: Invalid version in module

Christian Hahn hahn at berkom.de
Thu Aug 31 11:31:51 CEST 2006

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Alan DeKok wrote:
> Christian Hahn <hahn at berkom.de> wrote:
>> I've just compiled the CVS version from 20060830 with
>> prefix=/root/bin/freeradius-cvs. When starting radiusd it complains
>> that the compiled modules have the wrong version:
>> - ----8<----
>> radiusd:  entering modules setup
>> Module: Library search path is /root/bin/freeradius-cvs/lib
>> radiusd.conf[1634] Invalid version in module 'rlm_exec'
>> Errors setting up modules
>   You've installed the CVS version on a box which already had 1.1.3,
> and it's picking up the old modules.  Those modules are incompatible,
> hence the error message.
You are right there is a v1.1.3 installed, but I configured the CVS
version with completely different prefix and the lib path points only
to /root/bin/freeradius-cvs/lib , so I thought this would be enough.

I've just got around this by commenting out the user=radiusd and
group=radiusd statements in the radiusd.conf. If I start the server
with root privileges it don't complains about the modules.

But I would not do this longer then for testing purposes.

>> And all the modules in lib are freshly build and installed with the
>> server. I have also checked the radiusd.conf for wrong lib paths.
>   The only other thing is that maybe it's a 64 bit issue?  The CVS
> version works fine for me, but I don't run on a 64-bit platform.
>   Alan DeKok.
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