Simultaneous-Use implementation in rlm_python

Flamur Rogova flamur at
Thu Aug 31 14:14:57 CEST 2006

I have noticed that more recent rlm_python versions have function 
bindings for implementing Simultaneous-Use checking in python module.

Something like this
python_init done
Module: Loaded python
  python: mod_instantiate = "pppoe"
  python: func_instantiate = "instantiate"
  python: mod_authorize = "pppoe"
  python: func_authorize = "authorize"
  python: mod_authenticate = "pppoe"
  python: func_authenticate = "authenticate"
  python: mod_preacct = "pppoe"
  python: func_preacct = "preacct"
  python: mod_accounting = "pppoe"
  python: func_accounting = "accounting"
  python: mod_checksimul = "pppoe"
  python: func_checksimul = "checksimul"
  python: mod_detach = "pppoe"
  python: func_detach = "detach"
Module: Instantiated python (PPPoE)

What should func_checksimul return to signify that user is already 
logged on / not loged on ?

Is it safe to use this feature in production ?

Flamur Rogova

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