Ascend 16 Bit VSAs

Adam aring at
Thu Aug 31 20:08:45 CEST 2006

Version: freeradius-1.1.3

I need to be able to send Ascend 16 bit VSAs to my NAS. The two that I 
need to be able to send are:  Ascend-LCP-Keepalive-Period and 

In my "/etc/raddb/dictionary" file I have place the following two lines:

ATTRIBUTE Ascend-LCP-Keepalive-Period       321 integer Ascend
ATTRIBUTE Ascend-LCP-Keepalive-Missed-Limit 322 integer Ascend

When I start Radius I get the following errors:
read_config_files:  reading dictionary
Errors reading dictionary: dict_init: /etc/raddb/dictionary[34]: 
dict_addattr: ATTRIBUTE has invalid number (larger than 255).

Is there support for 16 bit Ascend VSAs?  If so how do I enable and use 


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