Help with Freeradius and implementing time based One-Time-Passwords

Ian Walker scatmanwalks at
Mon Dec 11 19:46:32 CET 2006

I have implemented this exact solution with a Polish application (I'm based
in Poland).  And it worked.  Although mine was using mysql for the user
storage, but ldap was also an option.

Mine runs with a Java application on the mobile phone, which I've set to
allow 60 second timings for the password validity.

The application that is providing the one-time password functionality should
integrate with the radius server without any major config changes.

You fail to mention the application your trying to use?

Ian Walker

On 09/12/06, Peter Urban <jebogi2004 at> wrote:
> Hi there,
> i am trying to setup a time based one time password with the freeradius.
> (no
> challange response !!)
> i have a mobile phone that produces a token.
> the token is a md5-hash of a shared-secret and the actual time in ms.
> now i want to configure the freeradius server the following way:
> the user has to enter his uername and the produced token from the mobile
> phone.
> this information is sent to the freeradius-server.
> the server is connected to a ldap-database and looks up if the user
> exists.
> if the user exists, he gets the shared-secret from the ldap.
> now the freeradius has to calculate some tokens (cause time on server and
> mobile are not the same). md5 of the shared secret from the user from ldap
> and actual time.
> after that he has to compare the calculated tokens with the token that was
> provided by the user.
> on positiv matches the user is authenticated.
> Can it be implemented? Is there literature that I need to have a look at?
> Is there already a plugin that supports time based one time passwords?
> Can anyone help me with setting up this scenario???
> best regards
> peter urban
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