Sean sean at
Tue Dec 12 01:45:35 CET 2006

> Read /etc/raddb/dictionary

Alan, that directory doesn't exist on either of my systems. One system
is running 1.0.4 and the other is running 1.1.3. I've tried searching
the dictionaries for Max-All-Session, because that attribute works as
does Expiration. The dictionaries that I'm searching are
in /local/share/freeradius.  

Thanks for giving me your time with this. Do you think that there is a
basic flaw in my setup? Should I delete everything and start from
scratch? Are Max-Daily-Session and Max-Monthly-Session valid attributes
that I can use in the same way that I use Expiration and

I doubt that it is a FreeRadius problem, and more likely that I'm
mistaken in how I think it works. 



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