Dictionary updates: Bay/Nortel

Jonathan De Graeve Jonathan.De.Graeve at imelda.be
Wed Feb 1 16:27:05 CET 2006

The file is a changed 1.0.5 dictionary file, I looked at CVS and it
seems that it isn't changed in 1.1.0

This dictionary file adds support for radius attributes/values needed to
login on the Nortel Passport 8000 series switches with RADIUS
authentication/accounting enabled.

Tested and working on all current PP 3.5.x.x, 3.7.x.x and 4.x.x.x

I hope you can add this one also to the CVS

Kind Regards,


Jonathan De Graeve
Network/System Administrator
Imelda vzw
Informatica Dienst
+32 15/50.52.98
jonathan.de.graeve at imelda.be

Always read the manual for the correct way to do things because the
number of incorrect ways to do things is almost infinite

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