FramedIPAddress not showing in MySQL

Fred Casavant casfr at
Thu Feb 2 03:03:15 CET 2006

The FramedIPAddress 
are showing up in my accounting file (the detail-date file) but it's not 
showing up in the radacct table in mysql. At first I thought it was an 
issue with the NASes but the IPs are always showing up in the flat file 
(after an Accounting Stop action) so I doubt the NASes are the problem. 
And I didn't touch the default sql.conf file at all and the mysql radius 
schema was created with the db_mysql.sql that come with the freeradius 
tarball. So I wonder what could be the problem here. Could it be because 
I'm logging the accounting stuff in two places (flat detail file and 
mysql) at the same time?

My setup is freeradius 1.1.0 with MySQL 4.1.16 on a FC4 distro.

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