lost authlog

bunji at iris.eonet.ne.jp bunji at iris.eonet.ne.jp
Thu Feb 2 17:15:47 CET 2006

I tested load of freeradius.
And I got the following results.

OperationSystem FedoraCore4

  [bunji at jason radius]$ radclient -d /usr/local/share/freeradius -f auth_1_man.txt -n 200 -p 200 auth test123 > auth.log 2>&1
  [bunji at jason radius]$ cat auth.log|grep Received|wc -l
  [bunji at jason radius]$ 

  [root at jason ~]# tcpdump -i eth0 -v > pckt_eth0.dat
  tcpdump: listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 96 bytes
  20085 packets captured
  20086 packets received by filter
  0 packets dropped by kernel
  [root at jason ~]# cat pckt_eth0.dat|grep "Access Request"|wc -l
  [root at jason ~]# cat pckt_eth0.dat|grep "Access Accept"|wc -l
  [root at jason ~]#

server (6636 lost)
  [radius at lee log]$ cat radius.log|grep "Login OK"|wc -l
  [radius at lee log]$

When load is high, log seems to be lost.

How can this matter be settled ?

Best regards, 

Bunji Nagahashi

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