Unable to connect TCP/IP error 733

Bohannan, Chad W Chad_Bohannan at reyrey.com
Thu Feb 2 20:55:26 CET 2006

>>Hi All.... 

>>Here's an issue I'm getting, and I seem to not be able to find any
answers elsewhere on the internet. 

>>We're testing currently and our client is dialing into our NAS, the
NAS sends the auth. request to the RADIUS, RADIUS authenticates and
returns a good request.... BUT!!!!! On the client side the connection is
quickly dropped >>when it moves to "Registering Your Computer on The
Network" and returns the error message of -Checking network protocol
connections...   TCP/IP CP reported error 733. A connection to the
remote computer could not be >>completed. You might need to adjust the
protocols on this computer.-

>>The protocol on the Client is set to PPP. When I checked out various
modem sites they kept referring to problems negotiating mult-link for
single link connections... That option is off by default on Windows XP
(which is the client).

>>So I'm quite stuck, not sure exactly which way to go and what changed
to make on the RADIUS side to resolve this connection issue.


 Try debugging PPP on the AS side. You may also want to debug DHCP
packets. It has been a while, but I think that error refers to the
client being unable to obtain an IP address.



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