NAS online/offline?

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nikwan (sent by wrote:
> Hypothetically situation:
> You have users logged into a NAS. the NAS goes down without warning 
> (power failure...) Users who where logged in now have sessions which are 
> not complete (acctstoptime is set to NULL). In my case Simultaneous 
> logins is disabled and need to be so. Therefore once the NAS is brought 
> back up. the users cant log back in, as radius will not authorize the 
> users as they are apparently logged in.
> My question is... How do i set the accstoptime to the time when the NAS 
> goes down. Is there a way to see when a NAS dies....
> Any input will be greatly appreciated
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I Had the same issue, search the list for "how to deal with this" as 
subject and you will get the full thread, in a nutshell an option that 
may help you is that your NAS should use Acounting On/Off packets in 
order to let FR know that all those sessions went down. I think this 
should be ok in case you have a single NAS.


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