LDAP module locks

Peter Manckok peter_manckok at yahoo.es
Thu Feb 9 11:08:33 CET 2006

Hy all,

I was reading the messages in the forum looking for
some information for a problem I have. And I found
this post:

On August 30, 2005 6:42:39 PM -0400 Alan DeKok <aland
at ox.org> wrote:
> Frank Cusack <fcusack at fcusack.com> wrote:
>> > In ldap_get_conn(), conns[i].locked must
>> > not be tested until after a lock is obtained.
>> fixed in rlm_ldap.c#1.156 but I don't know how to
propagate this change
>> to 1.0.5 candidate.
>   Looking at the code, I'm not even sure that the
"locked" member is
> appropriate for a threaded environment.  It could
probably be deleted.
>   For non-threading mode, the LDAP module can't be
using multiple
> connections, because it can only be called once. 
For threading mode,
> the mutexes protect the data structure.
>   The "locked" member should be deleted, unless I'm
missing something.

I have a question:

In the ldap_get_conn I see that you use a
pthread_mutex_trylock. So if you try to get connection
and all the connections are locked, the module fails.

Why don´t you use the pthread_mutex_lock function
instead in order to wait until the connection is

Thanks a lot

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