A little problem - FR with Mysql Stored Procedure

Saeed Ahmed saeed at n-g-c.com
Thu Feb 9 11:49:42 CET 2006

Dear Sir,

I was wondering on mailing list for last 3 days and I didn't get proper
response, I am really in problem.

I am getting problem to use Mysql Stored procedures with Freeradius. After
exploring web It came to know that, (this text I got from mysql.com forum:)

the result's of SP execution are sent as result sets over the protocol. Once
you call a SP you get at least 1 return code and could get many result sets.
The execution of a stored procedure is very similar to execution of a

MySQL 5.0 supports the execution of multiple statements specified in a
single query string. To use this capability with a given connection, you
must specify the CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS option in the flags parameter to
mysql_real_connect() when opening the connection. You can also set this for
an existing connection by calling
By default, mysql_query() and mysql_real_query() return only the first query
status and the subsequent queries status can be processed using
mysql_more_results() and mysql_next_result(). 
/* Connect to server with option CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS */
mysql_real_connect(..., CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS);

/* Now execute multiple queries */
mysql_query(mysql,"DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test_table;\
                   CREATE TABLE test_table(id INT);\
                   INSERT INTO test_table VALUES(10);\
                   UPDATE test_table SET id=20 WHERE id=10;\
                   SELECT * FROM test_table;\
                   DROP TABLE test_table");

Means I need to use CLIENT_MULTI_STATEMENTS in mysql_real_connect(), so, for
now, I just need this little guidance that which file should I edit to get
SP working with Freeradius.

I hope I'll get response this time

thanking you in advance
Best Regards
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