EAP/TLS work but with errors

Robert Myers ccrider at whiterose.net
Fri Feb 10 17:25:06 CET 2006

You can also add the following to a file called xpextensions....

RPM-vmware ssl # cat xpextensions
[ xpclient_ext] extendedKeyUsage =
[ xpserver_ext ] extendedKeyUsage =

Then when you sign the cert, you add -extfile = xpextensions

That should get rid of the error, I believe I found all of this in the 
EAP-TLS howto, right off the main page of the freeradius site.


Alan DeKok wrote:
> =?ISO-8859-15?Q?Frank_B=FCttner?= <frank-buettner at gmx.net> wrote:
>> When a client try to log in with an valid certificate it works. But I
>> get this error:
>>  TLS_accept:error in SSLv3 read client certificate A
>   Ignore it.
>   Alan DeKok.
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