Peap and LDAP

Jefri bin Dahari jeff at
Mon Feb 13 07:57:45 CET 2006

I have comment the line and add lines as shown in my ldap.attrmap below.

checkItem       $GENERIC$                       radiusCheckItem
replyItem       $GENERIC$                       radiusReplyItem

checkItem       Auth-Type                       radiusAuthType
checkItem       Simultaneous-Use                radiusSimultaneousUse
checkItem       Called-Station-Id               radiusCalledStationId
checkItem       Calling-Station-Id              radiusCallingStationId
#checkItem      LM-Password                     lmPassword
#checkItem      NT-Password                     ntPassword
checkItem       SMB-Account-CTRL-TEXT           acctFlags
checkItem       Expiration                      radiusExpiration
checkItem       User-Password                   userPassword
checkItem       LM-Password                     sambaLMPassword
checkItem       NT-Password                     sambaNTPassword
#checkItem       NT-Password                     userPassword


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> Jefri bin Dahari wrote:
>> I thought this line in LDAP entry gives NT password.
>> sambaNTPassword: AA182541927C4597271A8CAE2393FA4E
>> sambaLMPassword: 53DCAC0777C3A618AAD3B435B51404EE
> It does - however, the default "ldap.attrmap" reads:
> checkItem       LM-Password                     lmPassword
> checkItem       NT-Password                     ntPassword
> Your attributes are named differently in LDAP, so you will need to update 
> the 3rd field in that file for those attributes.
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