Tagged VSA

Klier, Martin Martin.Klier at t-com.net
Wed Feb 15 13:55:25 CET 2006

We are using tagged VSA (i.e. SIP-From). I think, it isn't standard. 

without the has_tag entry, behind the regarding attribute in the dictionary file, i see in Debug Mode:

SIP-From = "\001sip:abcd at xyz:5060"
SIP-From = "\002sip:abcd at xyz:5060"

With  "has_tag" entry
SIP-From:1 = "sip:abcd at xyz:5060"
SIP-From:2 = "sip:abcd at uvw:5060"

Is it possible, to write the the two tagged attributes (with has_tag entry) in a mysql- database at all ? 
If it is, how the variable ( %{SIP-From} ) in the sql.conf has to look like

Used version 1.0.2-5


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