Multiple LDAP Search Bases - Per NAS

Ben Plimpton bplimpton at
Wed Feb 15 18:55:17 CET 2006

Hello all

Is it possible to setup FreeRadius so that requests coming from a
certain NAS will use a different search base than the default?

For example:

We have an ou=radius,dc=test,dc=com and we stick dsl users records in
there.  These user records have attributes that would be dsl specific
like static IP addressing.  We would like to be able to provide users
with a backup dialup in case anything goes really wrong with our dsl

Could we configure FreeRadius to look in a different ou, say
ou=dialup,ou=radius,dc=test,dc=com, when it received an authentication
request from the dialup NASes?

Is this possible? 

We have also considered running two instances of FreeRadius, one on the
higher ports and one on the lower, and then pointing the DSL customers
to one and the dialup to another, but I would like to avoid this if
there is a cleaner solution that I am not aware of.

Our FreeRadius server is running Fedora Core 4 and FreeRadius 1.0.4
OpenLDAP is our LDAP backend.

Thanks for any replies.

"Microsoft is not the answer, it's the question.  NO is the answer."

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