Possibility to set acct_table1 outside of sql.conf?

Andreas Engler freeradius at arcor.de
Thu Feb 16 10:57:31 CET 2006

Dear All,

i would like to insert Accounting-Information in different tables for 
different NASs.
Therefor i would use different sql-Instances and the acct_users file.
The instances would only differ in acct_tabl1 and acct_table2. I tryed 
to set the variables in the sections of every instance in radiusd.conf 
before including sql.conf. In sql.conf i commented out the variables. 
But then there is reported an error, that the variable acct_table1 is 

Is there a possibility to set the variables acct_table1 and acct_table2 
in the sections for the different instances in radiusd.conf? Or have i 
to provide for every instance an own sql.conf.

Hopefully my problem gets clear!?

Thank you

Andreas Engler

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