Freeradius 1.1.0 and rlm_ldap

Nicolas Baradakis nbk at
Thu Feb 16 11:28:37 CET 2006

Mark Martinec wrote:

> It would be helpful to document explicitly what comments in rlm_ldap.c
> indicate:
>          * Module should default to LDAP authentication if no Auth-Type
>          * specified.  Note that we do this ONLY if configured, AND we
>          * set the Auth-Type to our module name, which allows multiple
>          * ldap instances to work.

Please write patches against the documentation and send them to the list.
You may also add content to the wiki:

> It wouldn't hurt if the inst->set_auth_type = 0
> would be accompanied with a debug log entry,
> and if the pairadd in:
>         if (inst->set_auth_type &&
>             (pairfind(*check_pairs, PW_AUTH_TYPE) == NULL) &&
>             request->password &&
>             (request->password->attribute == PW_USER_PASSWORD))
>                 pairadd(check_pairs, pairmake("Auth-Type", inst->xlat_name, 
> T_OP_EQ));
> would also log the  inst->xlat_name.

Then please send a patch instead of ordering the other people what they
should do.

> But above all, please document incompatibilities between versions.

I think you're rude to complain about a software that you didn't pay
for. Keep in mind the following excerpt from the README:

	FreeRADIUS is the cumulative effort of many years of work by
	many people, and you've gotten it for free.  No one gets paid
	to work on FreeRADIUS, and no one is getting paid to answer
	your questions.  This is free software, and the only way it
	gets better is if you contribute work back to the project.

Nicolas Baradakis

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