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Hi Boian,

Thanks for the response. The example.pl is easy enough to understand. From
the rlm_perl source code am I to understand that the radiusd.conf
configuration defaults if written out would look something like:

     module = /etc/raddb/example.pl
     func_authorize = authorize
     func_authenticate = authenticate
     func_accounting = accounting
     func_preacct = preacct
     func_checksimul = checksimul
     func_detach = detach
     func_xlat = xlat
     func_pre_proxy = pre_proxy
     func_post_proxy = post_proxy
     func_post_auth = post_auth

     max_clones = 32
     start_clones = 5
     min_spare_clones = 3
     max_spare_clones = 3
     cleanup_delay = 5
     max_request_per_clone = 0

If this is correct, then most of it is easy to understand. What would
"perl_flags" be used for tho'? I might not be understanding persistence,
what I would like to know is when the script is run, does it stay in
memory and the functions repeatedly called from the script in memory? If I
open a database connection in the script, will it remain open across
multiple radius queries until the clone is destroyed, or does the script
get rerun by the loaded interpreter each time? I can live with restarting
the server if the script changes.


Boian Jordanov said:
> On Thursday 16 February 2006 11:20, freeradius at singularity.co.za wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I'm keen to start using the rlm_perl module now that it has been made
>> stable. However I find that the documentation relating to the module is
>> sparse. Is there any official documentation on this module that anyone
>> knows of?
> No, sorry but you can check example.pl which is included with freeradius.
>> I would also like to know whether the perl module loaded is
>> persistent.
> No it is not persistent. If you change code of your perl script you will
> need
> to restart freeradius.
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