Adding Extra Attribute

Alan DeKok aland at
Thu Feb 16 17:17:31 CET 2006

Abdul Lateef <abdul_zu at> wrote:
> This is what i want to include in the packet:
> Cisco VSA(252):
> GWname/option//CalledID//CallerID/GWip:172


> I tried in user file with the following configuration
> but it doesnot seems to work
> 12122	Auth-Type := Login-User
> 	h323-credit-time = 500
>         Cisco VSA(252):
> GWname/option//CalledID//CallerID/GWip:1719

  What the heck led you to believe that syntax was valid for the
"users" file?

  Try reading the file for attribute 252.  And go
read "man users" to see the normal format of attributes.

  You can't just pull random text off of web pages and expect to be
able to paste it into the servers configuration files.

  Alan DeKok.

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