Managing connection on Freeradius

Nataniel Klug nata at
Sat Feb 18 15:22:23 CET 2006

    Hello all,

    I am quite new to freeradius and I am with a doubt. I have a
PPPoE-Server that authenticate the users into my FreeRadius server. The
problem is that if a client, by some reason, get lost of connection the
freeradius mantain the log about that connection and, if the client try to
connect again, it say that siomultaneos use is not allowed.

    So I have to delete radutmp and radwtmp, restart radius, and lost the
track of connections.

    There is any tool to make it easier? Or some configuration that if there
is no package coming from the cliente for 60 seconds it will disconect the


Nataniel Klug

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