Managing connection on Freeradius

Nataniel Klug nata at
Sun Feb 19 14:03:34 CET 2006


I have readed the manual and tryed to use radzap before. All docs are very
small and do not show how to use it, I tryed this:

[root at ns2 ~]# radzap
Usage: radzap [-d raddb] [-p acct_port] [-r servername|serverip] termserver
[port] [user]

  -d raddb        Set the raddb directory (default is /etc/raddb)
  -p acct_port    Accounting port on radius server
  -r radserver    Radius server name or IP address
  termserver      Terminal Server (NAS) name or IP address to match, can be
'' for any
  [port]          Terminal Server port to match
  [user]          Login account to match
[root at ns2 ~]# radzap -d /etc/raddb -p 1813 -r '' nataniel
Sun Feb 19 09:02:13 2006 : Info: Starting - reading configuration files ...
[root at ns2 ~]# radwho
Login      Name              What  TTY  When      From      Location
pmlseng                      PPP   S0   Sun 08:53 200.163.2
nataniel                     PPP   S1   Sun 08:53 200.163.2
[root at ns2 ~]#

But as you can see user "NATANIEL" is still conected when I use radwho.


Nataniel Klug

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> "Nataniel Klug" <nata at> wrote:
> >     There is any tool to make it easier?
>   radzap.
>   Alan DeKok.
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