hints processing for Accounting-On / Off packets?

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Feb 21 13:22:59 CET 2006

Stefan Winter wrote:
>>> That's not how I read the comments in hints:
>>> #       The hints file.   This file is used to match
>>> #       a request, and then add attributes to it.
>>> There's some mention of some special rules "Prefix" and "Suffix", and
>>> _these_ can only work on the User-Name. Anything else should be doable
>>> anyway.
>> That's definitely what that file does. The "hints" the filename refer to
>> are hints that the USER submits in their authentication request, by
> Well, I am probably not long enough in the RADIUS business to remember the 
> historical reasons for the hints file. For me, hints is the only means to 

Grin - me either

> manipulate input avp items in a packet. And a very flexible solution too, 
> since it does "users" style mangling. And the comments in the file don't say 
> "but whatever you put in here will be ignored if there is no attribute 
> User-Name in the request".

I agree with you.

>> The patch looks relatively trivial. Simply delete the check for null
>> usernames. In *fact*, I don't think the left hand side of the "users"
>> entries in that file is used at all.
> I just submitted bug #335

Cool. Hopefully it will be accepted by one of the devs.

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