Win2K, PEAP, Authentication problem after install Novell Client

Daniel Hesse dhesse at
Tue Feb 21 17:36:16 CET 2006

eDirectory LDAP, FreeRadius, 3com 7250 WAPs, EAP-TLS/PEAP
WinXP clients authenticate perfectly.
However the same hardware with Win2K fails. The weird part is it will work fine until I install the Novell Client, so, this may be the wrong forum, but I will try anyway. I experience this problem with Linksys, 3com and Ralink adapters. They authenticate fine until I install the Novell client (4.9 - 4.9.2). Once I install the NW client the machine wants a client certificate and then will authenticate intermittently and always fail re-authentication.  The only adapter that functions in this setup is Gigabyte GN-WPEAG.  I have ordered a more recent version of Gigabyte adapter which also uses an Atheros chipset.
If anyone has come across this issue or may know of a patch for the Netware client, I would really appreciate a heads up.
Daniel D. Hesse
Director of Information Technology
Methodist Manor Retirement Community
712-732-1120 Ext.116

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