hints processing for Accounting-On / Off packets?

Phil Mayers p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk
Wed Feb 22 22:12:51 CET 2006

Guy Fraser wrote:
> The hints file was originally designed to classify users and determine
> what methods of connection were allowed, by using an uppercase 
> character or other pattern. It provided a similar function to what 

Yes we've had this discussion and I have explained this, and the OP has 
expressed a desire to expand the hints file beyond its original purpose. 
It would be helpful if you could read the rest of the thread. It did 
happen over a week ago, so possibly you missed it.

> The Accounting-On is a status messages from the NAS indicating that
> no users are currently logged on and that accounting will start.

Yes, the OP is aware of that - modifying those packets in a variable way 
for dynamic expansion to logfile names was the reason for wanting to do 

> The Accounting-Off is a status messages from the NAS indicating that 
> all users logged in are being logged off and that accounting will stop.

Yes, see above

> There is no relationship to any specific account, so hints is not 
> supposed to be used. If you are using hints to do some other kind 
> of processing, you are likely using it for something it was not
> intended for.

Yes, it is being suggested the intention be expanded.

> If you are using an SQL backend for accounting the Accounting-On / 
> Accounting-Off packets are handled by the sql configuration to 
> mark all active as stopped for the NAS that sent the packet.

Please read the original post and the subsequent conversation. The OP 
had a somewhat-interesting use-case for hinting on/off as well as 
start/stop packets.

I can certainly see his point - since you want to mark active records 
inactive when you see an on/off, sending on/off through different paths 
to start/stop is unhelpful.

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