FreeRADIUS, dialup_admin and Microsoft SQL database ???

Tadej Bregar Tadej.Bregar at
Fri Feb 24 00:22:26 CET 2006

I'm doing some test installations regarding the implementation of 
I was thinking about using our existing MS SQL server as a database for 
user Authentication/Authorization (due to integration of user data into 
CRM ...)

I have made an initial installation of FreeRADIUS and MySQL as database 
- and Dialup Admin tool works quite fine in our test environment.
Now I have a question - Has anyone managed to modify dialup_admin to 
work with MS SQL database.

I imagine that a lot of tweaking of sql code would be necessary (to 
accommodate to standard sql syntax used by unixODBC).
What is your experience - is it doable?
If not - which alternative tool could I use instead of dialup_admin?

Thanks for any info.

Tadej Bregar
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