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Lewis Bergman lbergman at
Fri Feb 24 19:29:12 CET 2006

Mohammad Flaifel wrote:
> Dears, 
> I asked this question before but unfortunately I didn't get the answer yet,
> I hope this is not a negative sign :)
> Are the following features available in FreeRadius:
> - Change of Authorization while the subscriber's PPP session is still
> connected.
> - Radius initiated disconnect: Disconnect users based on download volume
> limitation
RADIUS is a protocol. By the protocol definitions it either must, will, 
should, or may do or not do certain things as defined in those 
protocols. None of what you are asking for is in those RFC's. Having 
said that, Freeradius is very flexible in that you can call external 
scripts on all sorts of occurances which your NAS' will likely have to 
cooperate in. If all else fails, you have the source.

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