Segmentation fault - FreeRadius 1.1.0.tar.gz with Debian 3.1

oscurin oscurin at
Fri Feb 24 21:43:22 CET 2006

 Hello Alan,
 I have searched the MySQL client libreries with "find . -name *mysql*"

I have edited my radiusd.conf and I added the path /usr/lib in the libdir :
prefix = /usr/local
exec_prefix = ${prefix}
libdir = ${exec_prefix}/lib:/usr/lib/

I have seen that directory "/usr/local/lib" has this files:

solsrv:/usr/local/lib# ls
firmware                   rlm_chap.a                    rlm_eap_md5.a             rlm_realm.a    
rlm_mschap.a                     rlm_checkval.a  
libltdl.a                rlm_eap_mschapv2.a            rlm_sim_files.a                    
rlm_ns_mta_md5.a           rlm_cram.a               rlm_eap_sim.a        rlm_smb.a  
rlm_pap.a                     rlm_detail.a                     rlm_sql.a          rlm_example.a
rlm_passwd.a             rlm_sqlcounter.a         rlm_digest.a               rlm_exec.a
rlm_perl.a                   rlm_eap.a                  rlm_sql_log.a       rlm_expr.a
rlm_attr_filter.a          rlm_eap_gtc.a 
rlm_preprocess.a           rlm_unix.a  rlm_fastusers.a
rlm_attr_rewrite.a        rlm_eap_leap.a 
rlm_radutmp.a   rlm_files.a

I have runned "radiusd -X" and it doesn't work :-((((

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> "oscurin" <oscurin at> wrote:
>> Segmentation fault
>> solsrv:/usr/local/etc/raddb#=20
>  Your MySQL client libraries cannot be found at run time.  Edit the
> "libdir" configuration item to include the directory where the files
> are located, or update your dynamic linker.
>  Alan DeKok.
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