Please HELP!!! Any ideas??? MySQL and users file... Difference???

Alex Savguira savguira at
Sun Feb 26 20:01:13 CET 2006


I've solved my problems already... I've even finished the custom
modification to dialup-admin which takes care of changing the
Crypt-Passwords to User-Passwords for users accessing the new
services. Thanks for clearing things up...

>> btest        | NT-Password  | == | NT-hashbla-bla-bla^&&@0-3443
>> btest        | Crypt-Password | == | $$KyUhHIHD$R7mAm4rPX1q4WTEJY5rKQ1

>  Which is exactly what I keep saying is not needed, and is causing
> problems for you.

OK, I understood your point, but would you be so kind to explain WHY
do you think it is such a bad idea (besides the fact that it doesn't
work with the current version of rlm_sql)... The solution seems to be
perfectly logical:  - none of the network technitians on-site can
abuse user's passwords since they are encrypted and supposedly beyound
their cracking abilities, and both PAP and MS-CHAP should work... OK,
again, it doesn't work NOW, but why shouldn't it? What's so evil about
this configuration? Btw, in freeradius FAQ you, guys, claim, that PAP
is better than CHAP because it allows storing passwords in encrypted
form. I kinda agree with that... Why do you now claim that storing in
clear text is better?
Ok, it is less headache for me, but what about privacy rights of my users?


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