Disconnect the user if reach the limit

Yudi Wijaya yudiw at centrin.net.id
Mon Feb 27 09:10:13 CET 2006

Hello Alan,

Wednesday, February 22, 2006, 12:25:07 AM, you wrote:

> Yudi Wijaya <yudiw at centrin.net.id> wrote:
>> How to disconnect user when reach the usage limit (ex: 50
>> hours, 50 MBytes)? depends on they prepaid registration, so it will
>> stored at RADIUS (MySQL Database). Everyone can register via web based
>   For 50 hours, see rlm_counter.
+ hmm.. i will use rlm_sqlcounter, i'll test it in this week.. please
help me if i got problem, ok? :) thanks

>   For 50MBytes, it's not really possible.
+ is there any trick of it? i really want implement that, so when
user reach 500 MBytes will be disconnect and can not login until they
re-fill the deposit.
I believe you have some trick of this, because you're an expert of
this :) please do details :)

Best regards,
 Yudi Wijaya

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