how to confirm locally??

pelusa vali pelusitavali at
Mon Feb 27 15:20:25 CET 2006

hi everybody, i'm using debian sarge kernel 2.6.13, openssl 0.9.8a, hostapd 
0.5.1, freeradius 1.0.5, madwifi-ng-r1406, i want to use eap-tls in my wlan 
and over my own ap over linux. so i can install and configure all programs 
(except hostapd, so instead compile myself i installed it from .deb format), 
now i have my certificates and programs running but when try to connect a 
windows client i get this error: "Received packet from (my freeradius server 
ip direction) with invalid Message Authenticator (invalid signature) (shared 
secret is incorrect)". i generate certifictes using winxp extensions. so my 
question is: is there any way i can test my certificates from freeradius?? 
any command? or may be install wpa-supplicant over my debian and test from 
there (authenticator and supplicant in same machine??). If clients try to 
connect without freeradius and hostapd running it's possible, but with these 
two programs clients lost immediately ip direction and show a message of 
"Error authenticating".
could any body try to help?
thanks in advance for your help and time.

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