Is it possible to make PAP module understand both CRYPT (MD5) and plaintext passwords?

Dennis Skinner dskinner at
Tue Feb 28 00:19:46 CET 2006

Alex Savguira wrote:
> Having
>  pap pap{
>                 encryption_scheme = crypt
>         }
>  pap papplain{
>                 encryption_scheme = clear
>         }

If I understand you, then you are redoing what the server already does.
 FreeRADIUS knows which scheme to use based on the attribute in the
users file or SQL:

username Password := blah
username Crypt-Password := $1$blah

If it sees, the first, it knows that "blah" is the clear password it
needs to check against.  If it sees the second, it knows that it is crypted.

Dennis Skinner
Systems Administrator
BlueFrog Internet

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