Linksys and Dlink access Point does not authenticate to FreeRadius 1.1.0 server

Michael Calizo mike.calizo at
Tue Feb 28 09:51:29 CET 2006

Hi, I have a Dlink DI-824VUP+ wireless VPN router, Freeradius 1.1.0 server.
My free radius is working, I can authenticate using radtest on both
localhost and remote host. But when i try to use my Dlink access point to
authenticate on freeradius nothing happened.

My Dlink config looks like this:

Network ID: myWIFI
Chanel: 6
Security: WAP
*802.1X Settings
Radius Server:
Radius Port: 1812
Shared Key: test123

When I issue radiusd -x nothing is happening using Dlink. But when I use
radtest it authenticates.

Thnx alot..

Mike Calizo
Registered Linux User # 365113

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