Defining different Service-Types for different equipment for the same user

Nuno Cervaens Nuno.Cervaens at
Wed Jul 5 17:36:39 CEST 2006


I have to install a Radius Server that is going to authenticate and 
autorize users in the CLI of a mix of router brands and switches.
The server will have a bunch of users that will have defined the 
Service-Type Administrative or NAS-Prompt. My problem is that when a 
user logs in to an Enterasys SSR with the Service-Type = Administrative, 
it goes immediately to the configure mode, and I dont want that, just 
the enable mode.
So for a user that has Serv.Type = Administrative I would like to 
specifically define for the SSRs the Service-Type as NAS-Prompt (which 
goes to enable mode, equivalent for Administrative for CISCO that goes 
as well to enable mode for example).

Do you know the best way to implement this?


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