Framed-IP-Address accounted in Hex

Graeme Hinchliffe graeme.hinchliffe at
Thu Jul 6 11:26:39 CEST 2006

On 6 Jul 2006, at 09:58, Graeme Hinchliffe wrote:

> On 4 Jul 2006, at 17:01, Alan DeKok wrote:
>> Graeme Hinchliffe <graeme.hinchliffe at> wrote:
>>> Further to this, I have just noticed that this doesn't seem to just
>>> be restricted to the IP address, but also the Session ID field.
>>> Instead of displaying the session ID as say
>>> 0202FFFF68001A6C-44A618FF
>>> I am seeing:
>>> 0x303230324646464636383030314136432d3434413631384646
>>   Which is the hex dump of the ASCII string.  0x30 == '0'.
> indeed.
>>   I think the dictionaries from 1.1.2 didn't get installed, so  
>> many of
>> the attributes default to type "octets".
> I have found entries which indicate this has happened prior to my  
> upgrade to 1.1.2, and also checking I can see that all the  
> dictionary files are the versions that came with the 1.1.2 code.
> What would cause FreeRADIUS to output in this manner, we have  
> summized that if it sees a none ASCII byte in the field it would  
> convert the whole field into a hex representation to stop trying to  
> write binary to the db.  If this is the case then it could well be  
> a bug with the hardware and we can chase the vendor and apply a  
> patch to the code in freeradius until we get it fixed.
> Also, when I ran the code in debug mode (-X switch) I never saw one  
> occurence of this problem in the screen output or the postgres  
> logs.  Of course computers being what they are it's most likley  
> that it was just a fluke, but at what point would FreeRADIUS decide  
> to convert the output to a hex representation?
> our NASes are all Redbacks, SE400's and SMS10K's

I just checked a bit further, and noticed the problem with on eof our  
Dialup NASes which are Cisco AS5300's so I don't think it is a  
hardware vendor issue.

Not as many sessions go through the Dialin racks anymore so not  
seeing as much data from them.


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