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Paul Long plong at ipdialog.com
Fri Jul 7 18:11:14 CEST 2006

FWIW, I had a problem in this area, too. Bottom line: DHCP follows 

I'm a newbie and just got FreeRADIUS to authenticate my wifi phone for 
the first time last night. Yay! Prior to that, I noticed that my phone 
wasn't getting an IP address through DHCP and thought that that might be 
one reason why my authentication requests were being rejected somehow 
(remember, I don't know what I'm doing. I knew that authentication was 
happening at the data-link layer, but I thought the lack of an IP 
address might be hindering further progress.

Anyway, once I got the FreeRADIUS server to authenticate my phone 
(needed 'Auth-Type = Local, User-Password := "123"', not 'Auth-Type := 
Local, User-Password == "123"'; still not sure about those operators, 
though), the phone got its network addresses from DHCP! IOW, 
authentication must succeed before the phone initiates DHCP. Looking 
back, of course this makes sense--through FreeRADIUS, the phone is 
granted access to the IP network, on which the DHCP server resides. Duh.

After burning my fingers (and a colleague's) attempting to build 
FreeRADIUS on Linux, I used Win32 version from 
http://www.freeradius.net/. Works great.
Used NAS on Netgear WG302
WiFi SIP VoIP phone


Stefan Winter wrote:
> Hi,
> (please respond to the list, not me privately. Others may have the same 
> question)
>> yes, my clients using 802.1X.
>> I make a DHCP Server together with freeradius, but he don't deliver ip's.
>> I want to know if the radius have any configuration for this, to work
>> with a DHCP server.
> In fact, others _did_ have the same question. Reading the list archives would 
> have helped.
> .1X authentication and DHCP have *nothing* to do with each other. If you have 
> a DHCP server and it doesn't talk to your authenticated clients, that's a 
> completely FreeRADIUS unrelated problem.
> Stefan

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