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Phil Mayers p.mayers at
Sun Jul 9 13:58:18 CEST 2006

Alan DeKok wrote:
> "Farhan Karim" <farhan.karim at> wrote:
>> we are facing a continuous problems in free-radius server. It had been
>> working fine but lately now an error that it generates as we enable
>> forwarding packets from INFRANET Radius Server to FreeRadius server.
>   INFRANET?  What's that?

I believe it's the new and very very stupid name for a Juniper 
(Funk-based?) product that checks your AV definitions are up to date 
before letting you through the firewall using either 802.1x or 
eap-over-udp maybe? With I believe some PEAP extensions. It's probably 
XML-based. Because, you know, tunnelling XML over EAP over Radius is 
clearly a good idea.

Wow. Such technology. Who could have imagined it.


If you want a laugh, the marketing literature reads like it was written 
by someone with severe cognitive problems.

"With VPNs came all kinds of problems! But we solved that with our SSL 
VPN thing. But then it turned out it wasn't solved! We've solved it 
again with our even more intrusive and proprietary endpoint posture 
enforcement policy access control definition gateway thing! Yes, you too 
can make your PCs sit up straight, and rap them across the knuckles with 
a ruler if they don't. What's that - are we making all these words and 
terms up without reference to the existing corpus of the English 
language? Why yes, we are."

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