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Chris Carver ccarver at
Mon Jul 10 17:12:05 CEST 2006

Fretz Marco wrote:

> hello
> anohter question: whats the best way to see which users are logged in?
> - reading out the pppoe router with snmp for active sessions
> - search for session ids with start but no stop event
> i want do the first one. becuase our routers are in isolated 
> management network and i want access the router from our webinterface 
> or some admin hosts....
> can i be 100% sure that a user is logged in if there is no stop event?
> thanks and kind regards
> marco fretz
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You are wise to choose the first.  It is the only way to know for sure 
who is logged in.  Because the radius protocol uses UDP, the information 
the radius server has about who is logged in is not 100% trustworthy.  
If that is ok with you, an easier way to do method #2 would be using 
radwho which queries radutmp, the database of active users that 
freeradius keeps.

Chris Carver
Network Engineer

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