an infamous LDAP-FreeRadius question

Zoltan Ori z.ori at
Tue Jul 11 17:33:06 CEST 2006

On Tuesday 11 July 2006 10:10, Matt Ashfield wrote:
> When I try to connect via 802.1x from a wireless client my Radius server
> debgging looks like below. Obviously the TLS session is not being setup
> correctly. I'm wondering about the private_key_password attribute. I just
> set it to "whatever" but that needs to correspond to a user on the LDAP
> server doesn't it? I'm not sure that's been set up.

You might try not using an ldaps connection if your LDAP server allows it. 
Comment out all the TLS in the ldap section. This TLS/SSL connection to your 
LDAP server is a separate issue from 802.1x. That's just between the RADIUS 
server and LDAP. Once you've got everything else going, go back and work with 
the ldaps. 

The main thing is to change only one thing at a time. Then you'll know exactly 
what broke it and what didn't. I believe you had LDAP working before, didn't 

Zoltan Ori

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