rlm_perl issue...

Nikola Pavkovic nikola at iProjekt.hr
Wed Jul 12 12:03:37 CEST 2006

Hi all,

I'm expiriencing strange behaviour of rlm_perl module causing freeradius
be unable to start. Here is the output of `freeradius -X` (running on Debian Sarge
i386, freeradius version 1.1.2):

# freeradius -X
Starting - reading configuration files ...
reread_config:  reading radiusd.conf
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/proxy.conf
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/clients.conf
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/snmp.conf
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/eap.conf
Config:   including file: /etc/freeradius/sql.conf
 main: prefix = "/usr"
 main: localstatedir = "/var"
 main: logdir = "/var/log/freeradius"
 main: libdir = "/usr/lib/freeradius"
 main: radacctdir = "/var/log/freeradius/radacct"
 main: hostname_lookups = no
 main: snmp = no
 main: max_request_time = 30
 main: cleanup_delay = 5
 main: max_requests = 1024
 main: delete_blocked_requests = 0
 main: port = 0
 main: allow_core_dumps = no
 main: log_stripped_names = no
 main: log_file = "/var/log/freeradius/radius.log"
 main: log_auth = no
 main: log_auth_badpass = no
 main: log_auth_goodpass = no
 main: pidfile = "/var/run/freeradius/freeradius.pid"
 main: user = "freerad"
 main: group = "freerad"
 main: usercollide = no
 main: lower_user = "no"
 main: lower_pass = "no"
 main: nospace_user = "no"
 main: nospace_pass = "no"
 main: checkrad = "/usr/sbin/checkrad"
 main: proxy_requests = yes
 proxy: retry_delay = 5
 proxy: retry_count = 3
 proxy: synchronous = no
 proxy: default_fallback = yes
 proxy: dead_time = 120
 proxy: post_proxy_authorize = no
 proxy: wake_all_if_all_dead = no
 security: max_attributes = 200
 security: reject_delay = 1
 security: status_server = no
 main: debug_level = 0
read_config_files:  reading dictionary
read_config_files:  reading naslist
Using deprecated naslist file.  Support for this will go away soon.
read_config_files:  reading clients
read_config_files:  reading realms
radiusd:  entering modules setup
Module: Library search path is /usr/lib/freeradius
Module: Loaded exec 
 exec: wait = yes
 exec: program = "(null)"
 exec: input_pairs = "request"
 exec: output_pairs = "(null)"
 exec: packet_type = "(null)"
rlm_exec: Wait=yes but no output defined. Did you mean output=none?
Module: Instantiated exec (exec) 
Module: Loaded expr 
Module: Instantiated expr (expr) 
Module: Loaded perl 
 perl: module = "/root/bin/mymodule.pm"
 perl: func_authorize = "authorize"
 perl: func_authenticate = "authenticate"
 perl: func_accounting = "accounting"
 perl: func_preacct = "preacct"
 perl: func_checksimul = "checksimul"
 perl: func_detach = "detach"
 perl: func_xlat = "xlat"
 perl: func_pre_proxy = "pre_proxy"
 perl: func_post_proxy = "post_proxy"
 perl: func_post_auth = "post_auth"
 perl: perl_flags = "(null)"
 perl: func_start_accounting = "(null)"
 perl: func_stop_accounting = "(null)"
Can't load '/usr/lib/perl/5.8/auto/Data/Dumper/Dumper.so' for module Data::Dumper: /usr/lib/perl/5.8/auto/Data/Dumper/Dumper.so: undefined symbol: Perl_sv_cmp at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/XSLoader.pm line 68.
 at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/Data/Dumper.pm line 27
Compilation failed in require at /root/bin/mymodule.pm line 30.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /root/bin/mymodule.pm line 30.
rlm_perl: perl_parse failed: /root/bin/mymodule.pm not found or has syntax errors.  
radiusd.conf[540]: perl: Module instantiation failed. 
radiusd.conf[1747] Unknown module "perl".
radiusd.conf[1746] Failed to parse authenticate section. 

If I comment out the "use Data::Dumper;" line, freeradius starts ok, but then it does
not send any attributes back to the Cisco AS5300, but only Access-Accept (or Access-Reject).

Are there any ideas where could be the problem with loading the Data::Dumper module (since I assume
that not sending the attributes back is caused by commenting out the "use Data::Dumper;" line)?

Thanks in advance.

	  Nikola Pavkovic

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