Authenticating Against a Trusted Domain

Josh josh2780 at
Fri Jul 14 17:17:12 CEST 2006

Does anyone know of some documentation on
authenticating freeradius against a trusted domain?

For example:
We have a domain (ourdomain) that has a trust
established with another domain (anotherdomain). I'm
attempting to get freeradius to send auth requests to
anotherdomain by way of ourdomain (which holds the
trust). We are able to do this with file shares.  For
instance, we have a file server connected to ourdomain
and users within anotherdomain that have NTFS
permissions on the file server. The file server
receives the connection, asks ourdomain for
authentication, ourdomain then asks its trusted
anotherdomain... and the result comes back allowing

In addition, we have users on laptops connected to
ourdomain but using their anotherdomain usernames to
access the shares.  They simply supply
'ANOTHERDOMAIN\user_name' as the username and the DCs
on ourdomain forward the request up the trust.

I haven't been successful with using Samba (which is
connected to ourdomain)... I can get Samba to
authenticate users on ourdomain but not the trusted
anotherdomain. I figured I would give LDAP a try but
can't find any documentation on the correct LDAP
requests for freeradius.

Any pointers?

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